Fair Debt

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Learn The Truth About The Fair Debt Act

You cannot complain about abuse if you do not understand your rights and the fair debt act protects the credit consumer who knows their rights, and those who do not are often less well off in the scheme of things. The Fair debt act was enacted to control abusive credit collection tactics being used at the time. Sometimes they are still used, but unless you know to complain, little is done.

The truth about the Fair Debt Act is that it does acknowledge the right of the debt collector to attempt to collect a debt, but it puts boundaries on allowable things that may be said in an attempt to collect a debt, times when the debt collector may call and situations where the debt collector may not call at all.

It is a myth that a debt collector may not call you at work. Yes, they can at least until or unless they are told, it is not acceptable to the employer. If that is specified (in writing) then the debt collector may not call your place of work.

The myth debt collector can call any hour of the night or day is not true. If they do, they are violating the fair debt act. A debt collector is limited to phone calls between 8 AM and 9 PM local time (not their time). They may not call or dial a number repeatedly as harassing attempts to collect a debt. The Fair Debt Act requires the debt collector respect your right to sleep and to work.

It is a myth that debt collectors can get your name published in the newspaper as deadbeats. Unless a lawsuit is filed, bankruptcy is filed, or a foreclosure is filed your privacy is not theirs to violate.

Furthermore, the fair debt act specifies that a debt collector be required to give their name, their company and the debt about which they are attempting to collect in each communication with the person owing the debt. However, they are prohibited from directly or indirectly communicating that business to anyone else. If they call your work, they are not allowed to tell your employer the nature of their business and why they are calling under the fair debt act.

The fair debt act was in no way written to stop debt collectors from attempting to collect a debt but instead written to protect the credit consumer from abusive debt collection practices.